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No matter if you are a passionate sportsman, nature lover, cultural enthusiast or just looking for fun for the whole family, you will find something to do in the vicinity of Větruše for sure.

Sports equipment or hiking sticks are available at the reception.

Finally, after a day of discovery and adventure, you can unwind and relax in our wellness centre.

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The Větruše area has the longest cable car without support columns in the Czech Republic. An ideal solution to facilitate and speed up the transport of pedestrians and cyclists from the city centre. You will also be rewarded with the view that Větruše offers.


Church of the Virgin Mary of the Assumption 1.1 km

In the town centre, you can visit the church, which became famous for its leaning tower as a result of the bombing at the end of the Second World War. It is the fourth most sloping tower in Europe.


VRKOČ 3,8 km (49 min) / 5,2 km

A protected area located in the outskirts of the town of Ústí nad Labem. It is a geological formation with a columnar detachment of olivine basalt, shaped in the form of an inverted fan.


MARIÁNSKÝ MOST 1.9 km (26 min) / 2.9 km (5 min)

This is one of the most modern bridges in the Czech Republic and was listed among the 10 most beautiful buildings of the 1990s, making it a landmark of the city of Ústí nad Labem.

VAŇOVSKÝ VODOPÁD 3.5 km (1.18 h)

This is the largest and most famous waterfall in the Bohemian Central Highlands. We recommend a visit especially in the spring months. A green hiking trail leads to the waterfall from Větrus.


ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN 3.6 km (7 min)

Animal lovers will find something to do here. The zoo is home to many species of animals. Visitors to the zoo can follow the Lumpepark Nature Trail, which introduces the most interesting corners of the grounds.


LAKE MILADA 6.4 km (25 min)

It is one of the largest lakes of its kind in the Czech Republic. It is suitable for in-line skating.


HŘENSKO 39.8 km (42 min)

A village in the district of Děčín, which is the gateway to the Czech Switzerland National Park. The history of the former timber settlement dates back to the beginning of the 15th century. In the centre you can visit the Church of St. John of Napomucký and half-timbered houses in German style.

PRAVČICKÁ BRÁNA 42,5 km (44 min)

This is the largest natural rock bridge in Europe, which you can see in NP Bohemian Switzerland. We recommend to take the nature trail, which according to many travelers is one of the most beautiful sightseeing routes in the Czech Republic.



In the very heart of NP Bohemian Switzerland you will experience a ride on a ferry in the gorges, during which you will enjoy the view of the sandstone rocks that spread all around. It is indeed a very romantic place.


TISKÉ WALLS 24 km (20 min)

The protected landscape area of the Elbe Sandstones, which includes the Tisza Walls, is part of a vast sandstone table that was formed 90 million years ago in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic Era. Skalní město is a natural monument that is very popular with tourists.


VIA FERRATA 26,6 km (26 min)

The longest ferrata in the Czech Republic, located in Decin. This Via Ferrata is really for everyone. Beginners can learn the basic skills of moving along the via ferrata. The Shepherd's Wall offers a choice of 16 routes with lengths of 150 - 170 m on one rock.

LOVOŠ 24.3 km (18 min)

In the Opárenský valley you can visit the Lovoš hill, which is also called "the nobleman of the Bohemian Central Highlands". Enjoy hiking to the top and enjoy the view on all sides of the world.


MILEŠOVKA 28.4 km (22 min)

The highest mountain of the Bohemian Central Highlands, which with its 837 metres is referred to as the Queen of the Bohemian Central Highlands. It is the windiest mountain with the most thunderstorms in our country, and therefore it is called the Thunder Mountain. After climbing to the top you will be rewarded with a view that is considered the most beautiful not only in the Czech Republic.


TERMAL BATH BRNÁ 8.9 km (16 min)

In the valley called Porta Bohemica you will find a swimming pool that offers water slides, a children's or swimming pool, water attractions. The swimming pool is open from May to September (depending on weather conditions and regulations).


TEPLICE SPA 21 km (20 min)

The spa is one of the oldest in Central Europe with a spa tradition of almost two thousand years. They have thermal water of the bicarbonate-sulphate-sodium type.

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